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ANC Anti-Parasite Formula for Children - 2oz bottle - 1 month supply - $33.00 
This is an antiparasite formula for children that is safe for ages 1 year and up. This is a natural formula, does not contain wormwood which is not good to use on young children. They do, however, respond very well to this formula. This product is also excellent for the elderly and pets.

Dosages -  ages 1-3 - use 3 drops under tongue or in a little water twice daily.
                 ages 4 and above - use 5 drops twice daily.

Assists in the elimination of intestinal parasites for all ages.

Ingredients: Intestine sarcode 6x, Thymus 6x, Hydrastis canadensis 1x, Glycymhiza glabra 1x, Echinacea angustifolia 1x, Cina 8x, Spigelia marilandica 6x, Stannum metallicum 12x, Artemisia absinthium 8x, Arsenicum album 12x, Podophyllum peltatum 8x, Filix mas 3x,Teucrium marum 6x, Nux vomica 12x, Mixed Ameba isodes 30C, Mixed worm isodes 30C, Mixed bacterial isodes 30C, Mixed fungal/protozoa isodes 30C in a base  of 5% cherry juice, purified water, 10% USP alcohol, 8% glycerin.

Warning: If pregnant or nursing consult your healthcare professional before using this product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.



For Pets

Treatment must be done twice a year, whether your vet says so or not. All pets and livestock carry parasites and are re-infected from their environment. Do not worm an animal if it is very sick.

You can use the ANC Anti-Parasite Formula for your small dogs and cats. It assists in the treatment of and prevention of round, pin, hook, tape and thread worms.

Recommended Dosages for Pets - under 1 pound - 1 drop.
2-10 pounds - 3 drops
over 10 pounds - 10 drops.
Should be given 3 times daily.




RFP Probiotic for Children and Adults - 120 grams - 1 month supply - $39.95


Rose Fruit Paste PhoenixIngredients: Rose extractive, Fructooligosaccharides, Xylooligosaccharide, Stachyose


     Introducing Rose Fruit Paste Phoenix, a probiotic in paste form. Rose extractive & oligosaccharides is used for beauty care and keeping intestine healthy by increasing multiplication of Bifidobacterium.The pleasant effects from the taste are very obvious. It is used for many health purposes. It can also be used as a substitute for food purposes, possibly regular consumption of sugars. Rose Fruit Paste Phoenix Is affordable and an indispensable food item for the elderly and children.


     The primary effects of Rose Fruit Paste Phoenix are the increased amount of useful micro flora of the intestine, stabilizes and enhances functions of GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT in humans; the regulating of the secretion of digestive juices, activating the digestion and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract; help with diarrhea.


     Rose Fruit Paste Phoenix preserves youthfulness, increases immunity, slows aging, and has a cosmetic effect. It also has obvious effects on allergies and aging muscles. In accordance with the principle of ‘the outer affects the inner,’ it is capable of dissolving pigmented spots, decay and metabolism of melanin, allows a person to have white elastic healthy skin.


     Rose Fruit Paste Phoenix is recommended to fit all groups of people, without restrictions, including infants.