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Cholesterol Management - 90 Vcaps - $29.95

Dosage: 2 caps twice daily. Use this with Circulation Aid Powder for effective results.


Use this with Circulation Aid Powder for effective results. Recommended for lowering the cholesterol.


Ingredients ; 3 caps contain Garlic - 300 mg., Guar Gum - 300 mg., Guggul Extract - 220 mg., Chromium - 200 mcg., Tocotrienols - 76 mg.




Circulation Aid - 12 oz. powder - $44.95


For reducing high blood pressure, an exceptional heart formula that helps lower cholesterol fast, protect the heart and helps chelate plaque from the arteries. Mix a tablespoon with juice and drink twice a day. Easy to take. Pleasant tasting.


1 tablespoon = Vit. A - 8500 IU, Vit. C - 3000 mg., Vit. E - 425 IU., - Riboflavin - 3 mg., L-Lysine - 1500 mg., L-Proline - 250 mg., - L-Carnitine - 250 mg., COQ10 - 10 mg., Stevia - 55 mg.




Blood Oxygenator - 30 caps - $39.95 
Dosages - 1-2 caps daily.

This pure organic powerful blood oxygenator is used for leukemia, cancer, cataracts, helps decrease risk for stroke, increases natural interferon, reduces spreading of cancer in Chinese studies and helps maintain normal blood sugar in diabetes.



Oxy - Power - 120 VCaps - $59.95
Dosage - 2 sofgels once a day for smokers, 2 twice a day for any other lung problem.

This exceptional formula brings oxygen into the body. A must for smokers to take daily to avoid lung damage. Also excellent for any lung problem where there is difficulty getting enough oxygen such as shortness of breath, emphysema, and asthma. Chinese studies showed product greatly increase stamina and helps with all kinds of pain. Studies showed morning erectile function restored to men.

Ingredients: 2 caps - Crocus sativus - 400 mg, Artemisia capillaris - 400 mg, Saussurea eriocephala - 200 mg.


Oral Chelation Caps - 180 Tablets $39.95


Assists in removing plaque from the arteries. Must be used for a 2-3 months, increasing to six tablets daily. For high cholesterl, first use Circulation Aid Powder for a month first.


Ingredients: SIX tablets contain: Vit. A - 5000 IU., Vit. C - 2700 mg., Vit. D - 480 IU., Vit. E - 120 IU., Thiamin 120 mg., Riboflavin - 60 mg., Niacin - 60 mg., B6 - 100 mg., Folate - 800 mcg., B12 - 99 mcg., Biotin - 60 mcg., Pantothenic Acid - 60 mg., Calcium Carbonate - 390 mg., Calcium Citrate 85 mg., Calcium Amino Acid 37 mg., Iodine - 75 mcg., Magnesium - 180 mg., Zinc - 30 mg., Selenium - 180 mcg., Copper - .15 mg., Manganese - 3 mg., Chromium - 120 mcg., Potassium - 59 mg., PABA - 300 mg., Choline 60 mg., Inosital 60 mg., L-Methionine - 240 mg., L-Cysteine 150 mg., MSM - 450 mg., Proprietary Blend of Gingko Biloba, Red Ginseng Extract, Green Tea Extract, Grape Skin Extract - 600 mg., Couch Grass 30 mg., Juniper Berry 6 mg., Garlic - 60 mg., Schizandra Berry 60 mg., Buchu Leaf 30 mg., Milk Thistle 30 mg. 




Liquid Colloidal Minerals - 32oz. - $24.95

Recommended Usage: 1 ounce in a fruit juice in the morning. Excellent and safe for adults, elderly and children.

Raspberry flavored Colloidal Minerals is a pleasant tasting blend of highly absorb-able, water soluble minerals derived from prehistoric plant deposits in Utah. Aluminum content has been reduced to a safe level. This is 90% less than other colloidal minerals tested.

Contains no starch, sugar, artificial color or flavor.


COQ10 With Hawthorn - 30 Vcaps - 100 mg. - $33.95

Dosage: 1-2 daily. This is safe will all medications.

COQ10 is a naturally-occuring compound found in every cell in the body.Studies mostly focused on its benefit involving certain types of cardiovascular diseases, including congestive heart failure and hypertension. COQ10 has been a helpful and safe supplement with heart failure, cardiomyopathy, heart attack prevention and recovery, high blood pressure, gum disease, Parkinson's disease and weight loss. COQ10 Enzyme - 100 mg. Plus Hawthorn Berry Powder - 400 mg. Safe and non-toxic - Produced in Japan - highest quality available. This is an exceptional supplement for all heart and arterial problems & cancer.




Omega 3 Fish Oil Concentrate - 100 softgels Cholesterol Free $16.95

Adult dose: 2 sofgels 1-3 times daily.


Molecularly Distilled. Used to bring up good cholesterol, helps arthritis and helps promote good heart health. Screened to assure no contaminants.

Ingredients: 2 caps contain -Natural Fish Oil - 2,000 mg. Omega 3 Fatty Acids - 680 mg plus EPA Elcosapentaenoic Acid - 360 mg and DHA Docosahaxaenoic Acid - 240 mg. and Vitamin E 2 IU. (Fish oil from sardines, anchoies and mackeral) no shellfish or preservatives.